? officialdavidarchie: You just giffed my favourite part :') I love his family getting emotional it made me emotional too haha

That’s my fave part too! Esp when David hugged her sister, they really missed him.. :’)

"You know what I’m not even gonna speak. I’m just gonna sing"

6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

The Homecoming






part of the reason ellen wanted to stay with jo was because it meant they’d both be at the center of the explosion and ellen would never have to see her baby die

but she did anyway



I don’t know who they are

I don’t even know what show this is

but it hurts


Supernatural: Hurting people that aren’t even in the fandom since 2005.

I still can’t get over what an amazing actress she is

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interview: how would you hit on a girl?
harry: what's the context? where are we?
interviewer: at a bar.
harry: where in the bar? are we in america?
interview: sure
harry: oh, well i can't go into bars in america so.